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Lake Park January 24, 2020Tips


Welcome to 2020! The dawn of a new decade has many people (you, perhaps?) taking stock of their lives and setting new intentions toward a “better”, more fulfilling life.



While about 40% of Americans actually set new years’ resolutions around the first of the year, only about 40 – 44% of these will be considered successful at the 6-month mark (according to a study by CNN).



Whether you are resolved to eat healthier, work out more or save more money, experts agree that you’re bound to find more success when your resolutions are more specific and attainable, complete with an actual action plan and tied to an ultimate goal, preferably driven by schedule or deadline. Also, a healthy level of self-awareness will be an advantage when setting yourself up for success. Understanding what motivates (or triggers) you will ultimately help you work through inevitable obstacles you’ll face on the path toward your goal.



So, let’s say you’re determined to increase your (and your family’s) quality of life by finding a new home? Consider the following when determining how best to achieve your goal:



1)Always start with a clear “why”. This will help you focus on what’s driving you. Are you looking for a more connected community? Less traffic? Closer proximity to work? Do you want to downsize (or upsize)? How will you feel once you find just the right home? Note: connecting to the feeling will help keep you motivated.


2)Make a list of all the characteristics you’re looking for in a new home. Let it be a long wish list – you can edit or minimize it later.


3)Prioritize the most important features in your new home. Continue to connect to your “why” (see above) while doing this. At this point you can define what’s most important to you and even begin “ranking” them in order of importance. It’s helpful to know ahead of time what are the absolute deal-breakers, and what are the “nice-to-haves”.


4)Be realistic about your budget and what you can comfortably afford.


5)Reach out to family, friends or acquaintances who can support you in achieving your goal. A friend who can advise you on a specific area or neighborhood? A family member who can refer you to a realtor? Check your circle of influence…you never know how someone may be able to help!



With our multiple Lake Park properties, we are happy to assist you in finding your next home! Our communities offer modern, comfortable homes, amazing activities and perks and services that offer carefree living for those 55+. Home is truly where your heart is and Lake Park is here to help you accomplish your goals associated to enjoying where you live.



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