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Lake Park March 27, 2020Tips

Back to Basics: Steps Toward Simplifying your Life

During these uncertain and turbulent times, it makes sense to take a step back and re-assess our individual priorities. Often, in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, we can lose sight of what is truly important in life. This is an aspect of humanity that we all share, and that challenges each of us in unique ways.

There is a sense of safety and comfort that can come from getting back to basics, whatever that means for you, whether it’s connecting more with family and friends, committing to a healthy lifestyle or carving out time to focus on a passion project.

“Less is more” as the saying goes. And part of making room for the most important aspects in life requires clearing out anything unnecessary that may be blocking you or draining your energy without your conscious permission.

If you’re interested in bringing more clear focus to your life’s priorities, please read on for just a few hands-on tips for downsizing and simplifying that will help you to create the necessary space…physically, mentally and energetically…for what’s most important.

1)     Determine what you most cherish in life – Sit quietly and conjure in your mind what most brings love and joy to your life, then write it down! Take a few moments each day to meditate on this and feel free to refine it as you go. Use this as a reference when you ever feel loss of focus. This will allow you to become clearer on where your priorities do (or should) lie.

2)     Clear your living space, one room at a time – Few things in life are more liberating than eliminating items in your home that are no longer serving a purpose. Set up a receptacle in each room (boxes, bags) where you can place items, from expired medications to clothing you no longer wear, to unused kitchen appliances. Take whatever time you need; this can be a swift process performed periodically over the course of a couple of days, or an ongoing one that becomes part of your daily routine.

3)     Trash, donate and/or sell unwanted items – separate items into categories based on what you’d like to trash, donate or sell. Decide where to donate, whether it’s Goodwill, Salvation Army or even to veterans’ organizations or homeless shelters. For larger items, many organizations will even do pick-ups at your home! For any items of value that you want to sell, there are numerous options from Facebook Marketplace to Craig’s List.

4)     Set up automated bill payments – A great time-saver! Sign up for electronic banking with your financial institution and set up automatic bill payments for any repetitive/ongoing expenses from cable and phone to credit cards, car payments and utilities. The initial set-up takes a little time, but once it’s in place, you’ll immediately notice how much of your time is freed up.

5)     Hire help as necessary – Do you feel you’re dedicating precious time to activities you simply do not enjoy? Outsource it! Whether it’s house cleaning, grocery delivery or handyman tasks, there are affordable options to help. Task Rabbit (website and app) offers virtually any service at the touch of a button. Amazon Prime and sites like Instacart offer grocery delivery services, and your favorite local restaurants offer food delivery through apps like Postmates, Uber Eats, Grubhub and Doordash.

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